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Whats Being Done
There are a lot of things being done not only for the American Crocodile but for others. One of them is making national parks for shelter. This is proven to help them because the American Crocidile was recently renamed to "threated" not long ago.   


Endangered Species

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The Endangered Animals, Factors, and Whats Being Done


Endangered Species
Just because it's a park doesn't mean it's all that safe. There are about 36 protected different species of animals in endangerment that live in the park. The main problems are the American Crocodile, Florida Panther, various species of Alantic Turtles, and the Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow.

American Crocodile

For the American Crocodile the biggest threat used to be hunting for their hides but this has now changed. Now the biggest problem for all animals is habitat destruction. This problem is not as big in the park as the overall Everglades. Another minor factor to the American Crocodile is that they get run over when crossing roadways which killis many.