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How the Animals Interact with each other, Relationships, Food Webs, Impacts


There are many interactions between plants and animals.  Most of the animals that live in the Everglades eat meat.  Some of these animals include: alligator, American Crocodile, various snakes, and the black bear.  There are only a few plant eaters in the Everglades and one of those are the manatee.

Symbiotic Relationships
There are many symbiotic relationships in the Everglades and here are two examples.  One example is between fish and coral.  The fish protect the coral from harm and the coral provides a fish with a home.  The other symbiotic relationship is between woodpeckers and trees.  The woodpecker eats harmful worms in the tree and the tree provides a home for the woodpecker.
Predator/Prey relationships
Florida Panthers eat Key Deer.  Key Deer, prey, are getting faster and so are the panthers.

Human Impacts
Humans have impacted this place by building camp grounds and other buildings that aren't natural.  We also help preseve endangered animals.
Limiting Factors
There are many limiting factors in the Everglades.  Predators are a big factor because there are so many.  Amount of food is also a factor also because the number of predators.