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The Digestive System


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Various Disorders

Some disorders of the digestive system are....

Hepatitis- This is a disorder which causes the Liver to swell, scarring the liver and possibly leading to cancer. Drug and alcohol use can also lead to some cases of Hepatitis. Some rare cases that cause Hepatitis are when the body attacks its own tissues on accident or unknowingly. Hepatitis is a life-long disorder.


HeartBurn- (gastroesophageal reflux disease or known as GERD) Heartburn is where gastric acid travels and rises up into the esophagus and makes it seem as though your heart is burning because of the acid.  


Indigestion- (upset stomach) Indigestion is where your upper abdomen feel inflamed or cause discomfort. This discomfort is caused by many factors such as disease in the digestive track, eating too much or quickly, especially fatty foods or even in some stressful situations.


Lactose Intolerance- Lactose Intolerance is not being able to eat and digest too much lactose. The reason why the body isn't able to digest the lactose is because there is a shortage of the enzyme called lactase. This lactase is found in the small intestine and is needed to digest lactose


Appendicitis- Appendicitis is where the appendix, the colon, has a blockage in it causing it to increase the pressure build up and possibly tear and break, leaking into the body.

The Digestive System- Tony Raviele & Kyle Baker